Ambar 10 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 10 Years of Dining Without Limits!

In January 2023, Ambar is celebrating 10 years of Dining Without Limits and Unparalleled Hospitality.
Since day one, each guest has been a part of our family. Every detail at Ambar expresses the deeply rooted Balkan heritage, which is built around our award-winning and Michelin Guide recognized food from the Balkan Peninsula, served with unparalleled hospitality.
Small plates transform the traditional experience of gathering around the table for a feast, to enjoy our grilled meats, fine cheeses, different blends of kaymak, local wines and expansive collection of rakia. Join us for a delicious journey through the Balkans with Michelin Guide recognized cuisine that doesn’t break the bank.

Down Memory Lane – Ambar Through The Years

Down Memory Lane
Down Memory Lane
Down Memory Lane

The Faces Behind 10 Years of Ambar

Down Memory Lane
Down Memory Lane

Unmatched attention to detail: Melissa prepares Forest Gnocchi - our award winning, signature dessert

Anniversary Specials

To celebrate our anniversary, we are bringing back one of the menu items from the opening night - Grilled prunes wrapped with bacon and stuffed with almond and goat cheese, topped with Balsamic reduction. Every table will receive this complimentary dish as a Thank You from the Ambar family!

About the Stuffed Dried Plums - deliciousness that dates all the way back to the 14th century.

This piece of mouthwatering heaven was served at the royal court of Serbia’s most famous and prominent King Dusan the Great. Noteworthy trivia - during the reign of Dusan the Great, Serbian Kingdom was the mightiest stretching between three seas. Lots of different types of plums and bacon to choose from, we think.
We will be serving Happy Hour cocktails for lunch and dinner from January 9th to January 15th.

Anniversary Giveaway