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We are introducing a new grab-and-go menu derived from our next-level Balkan dining without limits concept. Our chefs tailored this menu with featuring comfort dishes from the Balkan Peninsula, prepared with a modern twist, with enough food to feast for days. Our six-course Balkan feast includes a choice of soup, salad, spread, vegetable, slow cooked and grilled sections as well as dessert.


Monday - Friday : 11AM - 4PM

Monday - Thursday : 4PM - 10PM
Friday : 4PM - 11PM
Saturday : 4:30PM - 11PM
Sunday: 4:30PM - 10:00PM

Saturday & Sunday : 9:30AM - 3:30PM

Take-out / Delivery HOURS:

Monday - Thursday : 11AM - 8PM
(pick up 11:15AM - 8:30PM)

Friday : 11AM - 9:00PM
(pick up 11:15AM - 9:30PM)

Saturday : 10AM - 9:00PM
(pick up 10:15AM - 9:30PM)

Sunday : 10AM - 8:00PM
(pick up 10:15AM - 8:30PM)