Ambar Clarendon Takeout

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Take-out / Delivery HOURS:

Monday – Thursday : 11AM – 8PM
(pick up 11:15AM – 8:30PM)

Friday : 11AM – 9:00PM
(pick up 11:15AM – 9:30PM)

Saturday : 10AM – 3:30PM / Brunch
4PM – 9:00PM / Dinner

(pick up 10:15AM – 9:30PM)

Sunday : 10AM – 3:30PM / Brunch
4PM – 8:00PM / Dinner
(pick up 10:15AM – 8:30PM)

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We now have our 50% discounted wines available to-go.
Sebia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina -
you can now discover wine from lesser-known regions in the enjoyment of your home.
Menu is updated weekly. Cheers.

Ambar Clarendon is back!
We are opening our patio
on Friday 5/29 for reservations only!
Get more info on our homepage!